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Jay and Annie Adkins met in high school choir in 1991, and they haven’t been separated much since then! They have experienced many great times and many challenging times over the decades and have grown an amazing family with four children and four dogs.

They attended college together for a time and Annie would go on the army band tour to see Jay sing and play in the Army National Guard Band when he was touring. They have always been there to support one another through good and bad times. They now enjoy doing workouts together and often compete with themselves to reach their next health and fitness goals, whether that be running Ironman races for Jay or preparing to be beach body competition ready for Annie.

They began their entrepreneur career in their early 20s by opening a multi-media entertainment business serving central Ohio for corporate events and wedding venues, all while Annie was full-time focused on further education by obtaining her Bachelor’s and Masters in Business, Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting, and Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education. With their combined skills, this business quickly expanded to one of the top businesses in their area, offering music, photography, videography, and event planning. Often they were doing four to five events at one time.

Shortly after systematizing and outsourcing most of their business tasks for that existing business, they decided to start growing additional businesses, this time in the real estate industry. Because the Adkins had a major challenge in 2005 of possibly being homeless themselves, due to having an ARM Loan and increasing payments, as well as Jay having to go through months of rehabilitation from the deadly disease of alcoholism, they wanted to be sure other homeowners in a similar situation had someone to turn to.

With Jay being back on track for success, Annie and Jay started doing mortgage loans and opened a mortgage office, followed by Jay obtaining his real estate license to expand their services further, once again offering multiple levels of services in the real estate industry and enabling them to gain knowledge of the market along the way.

They also learned how to use other people’s money and partnerships to get back in the real estate investing game immediately. This naturally led them to begin their real estate investing career where they have done multiple types of real estate investments from starting with rentals early on, where they now have more than 25 rental properties, then expanding into doing short sales, wholesaling, fix and flips, and vacation rentals in multiple states across the U.S. totaling well over $35 million in transactions of different varieties.

After multiple years of doing numerous types of deals they started a professional mentoring program offering interested people to start a real estate business that thrives and allows them to live the dream life they have always wanted to achieve.

Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

Annie’s areas of expertise:

Coaching – BusinessCoaching – Real EstateReal Estate Investing – AirbnbReal Estate Investing – MultifamilyReal Estate Investing – ResidentialShort Sales

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The Family

Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

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