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Starting his career in real estate back in 1999, dead-broke while his wife Kathy was pregnant with their first of four children, Ernie Vargas quickly built a high six-figure real estate business. But fate had other plans for Ernie. During one of his grueling days of endless door-knocking and cold prospecting, Ernie stumbled upon a vacant house. Doing his own investigating by talking to the neighbors, Ernie discovered the former homeowner had passed away. Following the breadcrumbs, Ernie unearthed the complex probate process, essentially becoming the pioneer of probate real estate earning his namesake “The Probate Fox.”

After several successful years working with probate properties, Ernie realized families across the country going through probate needed the same specialized assistance he was providing in his community, so he decided to create courses to teach other real estate investors.

His ability to think outside the box coupled with his expertise in negotiating and marketing has allowed him to help thousands of investors, agents, and sellers get the deal closed. He is, therefore, the secret weapon consultant to the who’s who in the secret society of seven-figure income earners of the real estate community.

Although he is the nation’s premier probate consultant, coach, and active real estate investor, Ernie has time to spend with his wife and four kids, all while traveling the country doing what he truly loves – helping everyday people create an exceptional real estate business through his automated, systemized way of doing real estate that gives them more money and personal freedom than they’ve ever had before.

Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

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Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

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