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The Wolff Couple have trained hundreds of thousands of investors all across America over the past 20 years. They offer a whole line of successful systems through their program, the Home Investing Academy.

Their #1 Amazon bestseller, “The Flip Side of Flipping,” features the lucrative world of creative financing and cash flow deals. The Wolffs teach the most cutting-edge strategies because those are the deals they’re closing themselves.

When the Wolffs became multi-millionaire investors they instantly committed to paying it forward. They love helping students change their lives through home investing and blazing the path in new creative ways.

The Wolff Couple are national authorities on scripts, video role-playing training, social media, live seller calls, the one-hour sale, acquisitions, lead marketing, and achieving a winner mindset.

Brian and Lynette would love to work with you in any way they can. The Wolffs always live up to their motto, “our mission is your success!”

Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

Lynette’s areas of expertise:

Coaching – Mindset/PerformanceCoaching – Real EstateReal Estate Investing – Residential

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Books by Lynette Wolff

The Flip Side of Flipping: The Easier Way to Real Estate Riches

The Flip Side of Flipping: The Easier Way to Real Estate Riches

In The Flip Side of Flipping, real estate investors Brian and Lynette Wolff have one main goal in mind: to expose you to creative financing that has made them rich and (more importantly) has made countless numbers of their students rich as well.

This audiobook is the first to truly capture all the secrets and systems that lead to “Pretty House” success. Brian and Lynette have devoted the last 15 years of their lives to teaching this exact subject, from hundreds of stages to thousands of students, in cities all across our great country.

Simply put, The Flip Side of Flipping was destined to be the most groundbreaking real estate investing guide since Robert Allen’s Nothing Down in the 1980s.

Brian and Lynette have always thrived by expecting a lot from themselves. In fact, Brian’s long-held motto is “Expect Success”.

Made for both new and experienced investors alike, this audiobook will condense years of experience through the eye-opening and informative lessons contained within. You’ll find practical, up-to-date, exciting strategies investors across the world are using to build wealth and significant cash flow through creative real estate financing.

Inside, you’ll discover:

Why is flipping so popular?
How you can still profit easily in this seemingly saturated niche
Comparing flipping and “buy and hold” with creative financing
How Brian and Lynette went from rags to real estate riches (and how you can do the same)
The all-important checklist for getting started
Proven closing call and deal meeting scripts
How we automate our entire business and still have time to enjoy life
And so much more!

Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

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