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Ryan Dumas invests in apartments and flex/industrial deals. He is a general partner on 566 units total and $110 million AUM. Their assets include Class B+ in Medical Center of San Antonio, Texas; Naples, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Sarasota, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and 200,000 square feet flex in Olathe, Kansas. He also raised more than $12.2 million for their deals.

Ryan strives to buy in great markets that have an increasing population and big demand for housing. He has also financed more than $400 million in more than eight years of commercial financing. As a general partner he has assisted on weekly and monthly calls, day-to-day operations, investor relationships, operations, and consulting on apartments and hotels.

His strengths are financing, asset management, customer service, networking, investor relations. He listens to his investors to see what their needs and wants are to achieve their end goals. His goal is to have all of his investors get the best returns and be financially free. He helped clients go from six-figure net worth to eight-figure net worth with consulting and financing capabilities.

He also hosted a real estate mastermind made up of 12 talented investors spanning across the United States. His group has achieved their annual goals within the first four months of the year in 2020, and he also has a mastermind of 34 investors as of 2022.

Ryan has a passion for helping others and the communities he is active in. His vision is not only with its housing needs, but to have a nice clean and safe family environment for our multifamily assets. He was published in AAHOA Magazine for helping hurricane evacuees out two years in a row.

Ryan has been married to his wife for 11 years, has four daughters, and lives in Clearwater, Florida. His wife is a stay-at-home mom and she homeschools their kids.

Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

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Real Estate Investing – Multifamily

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Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer: How to Outwit the Fed and Their Extraction of Your Wealth by Dr. David Phelps

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