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Stefanie Peters is a realtor, national speaker, best-selling author, and creator of The Boss Life. She started investing in real estate when the bubble burst back in 2008 and has been the best ROI even over the other successful businesses she has built. In 2021 alone, she doubled the doors she owns and is now on a mission to pay it forward.

She equips entrepreneurs and real estate agents to build multiple streams of residual income revolving around their passion zones so they can stop trading hours, build financial freedom, and multiply their impact.

As a keynote speaker, Stefanie loves to empower entrepreneurs throughout the United States, speaking on stages with audiences of more than 10,000 entrepreneurs about real estate investing, team building, leadership, and building multiple streams of revenue.

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Coaching – BusinessCoaching – Mindset/PerformanceCoaching – Real EstateRealtor – ResidentialReal Estate Investing – Residential

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